With a profound message and amazing music in tow, Robyn Fly,

is the refreshing and needed answer to what entertainment has been dropping the ball on when it comes to consistency and quality. Born in Indianapolis, she experienced hardships that most people have only read about, or seen in movies. Still, there is nothing that life can throw her way to distract her from her first love and true passion, music. Learning early on that if you want something you must make a way yourself, she has been doing just that. Being emancipated as a teen, becoming a mother during that time, and working various jobs to take her of her child, built up the tenacity and the perseverance the world sees now. After working in the corporate setting for a few years, Robyn Fly decided to cut off anything holding her back from her dreams of the stage and studio, and went for what she wanted.  She moved to Atlanta in 2006, enrolled at the Art Institute, and learned everything she needed to know about audio and video engineering. She also has appeared in several major videos including R. Kelly and Usher’s “Same Girl”, Rocko, Gucci Mane, Ciara and the ever popular “Whooty” by E Dubb, just to name a few. She went on to do her own remix to “Whooty” and it received millions of views on major sites world wide. That drew a lot of traffic and attention to her own music. The video for her own single “Wipe My Ass,” has reached over 100,000 views on one of the biggest sites,, and also on her own youtube channel.  Wipe my ass has also received radio airplay on several radio stations including V103 and Streetz 94.5 in Atlanta, and several mixtape placements with various DJ’s worldwide. Also, because of the training she received at the Art Institute, she is able to record her own music. Once again no one can tell her what she can’t do, she will always find the means to make it happen.  A word of advice she would give any young person with a dream, but facing hardships, is to not lose focus, you can do all the things you believe in. Wanting to help those who may be in the shoes she once was, Robyn Fly plans to start a non- profit, a mentorship of sorts, for the parentless children in the world. Never forgetting her story of being alone and fighting to make it, she wants to help others build a beautiful one of their own. Her dream of taking over music won’t be complete unless she changes a lot of lives. Described as Hip – Hop infused with pop, and sometimes compared to Nicki Minaji, she isn’t afraid to put her own spin on things. She now has her own label, DV8 Records, and independently distributes her music on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Google, and YouTube. Her YouTube subscriptions continue to grow at an impressive rate. Where music is headed seems to be in good hands with Robyn Fly around. The tough and talented artist is prepared to set a new standard. She is an example of what hard work can get you. The message she sends resonates even louder than her songs. The world is taking notice, and the end is nowhere near for this star.